What does it mean if a guy calls you "hot stuff"?

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When a man calls you hot stuff amex failed financial review Feedly What does a guy mean by calling you hot, cute, or pretty? There are important things you need to know about the words guy use to compliment girls. they are subjective. What one guy finds hot may not be the case to another.

what does it mean when a guy calls you gorgeous

In their eyes, girls are cute, ugly, hot, sexy, unattractive, too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, too bitchy, too high-maintenance. The tricky part about those labels, is that they are all used in multiple ways, so determining what they are actually meaning can be tricky. When a guy calls you hot, you automatically think he is calling you the equivalent of sexy, or thinking about just one thing, but that may not be true. Responding while confused is never a good thing and only serves to leave you with regrets. In order to help you out with all of the possibilities, I went out and asked a few guys what they mean when they call a girl hot.

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if a guy says your pretty does he like you

Email There are some questions about men that only a guy can answer. We asked the dudes at guyspeak. Then comes the actual question, one we get at least twice a day, every day. "Does this mean he likes me? Some guys can be hard to read. Not as hard as women, but still a challenge.

What it Means If a Guy Calls You Beautiful

what if a guy says you're pretty

The ex-soccer player is undeniably attractive to me, thanks to his scruffy beard, gelled-up hair, and brooding eyes. I imagine my feelings toward him are sort of like what it means when a guy calls you "sexy" or "hot. Someone's charming personality, sense of humor, or infectious laugh can 100 percent make them sexy or hot to someone else. It's not always about outward appearances.