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Man seeking woman tanaka episode new grindr explore The surrealist comedy follows the adventures of newly single Josh Greenberg Jay Baruchel as he traverses life, love, and everything in between. That "everything in between," however, includes getting tortured by his mom for click on his girlfriends, accidentally leaving his penis at a night club, and encountering a host of creatures — blind-date trolls, sex aliens — that stand in for the horrors and humor of dating. Bringing those creatures to life falls to Jones, whose 26-year career has included work on movies The Bride of Chucky and Resident Evil as well as creating body doubles of Tatiana Maslany on Orphan Black.

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Most of the time, they are solid at worst, giving viewers a fun time for the week, but when they are great, so is the show. The episode opens with Cupid Jorma Taccone getting a divine intervention from Zeus and his other family members. He has a horrible problem with codeine, and after talking out his feelings a little bit, he agrees to conform and go to rehab. It was a much more real moment with Josh showing his new girlfriend off to everyone he can think of, but the bounds of who he encounters start to stretch. Sadly, as would happen with most insecure guys, Josh starts getting paranoid and the sequence takes a turn for the worst.

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January 4, 2017 FX Networks Amid a sea of baggy shows that don't quite know what they're doing and are taking too long to do it, FXX's Man Seeking Woman stands out for its focus and speed. Simon Rich's surrealist comedy — about a 20-something Everyman named Josh Jay Baruchel looking for love — starts its third season Jan.

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