Yamaha Guitar Serial Numbers: What Can They Tell You?

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How to identify original yamaha guitar best free dating website australia How to distinguish between authentic products and counterfeit products. In this site, you will be introduced to different examples to enable you to distinguish the authentic Yamaha products from counterfeit products. Use this information when deciding whether products are authentic. Use caution to avoid mistakenly purchasing a counterfeit product. In addition, counterfeit products are not Yamaha products, so unfortunately we are unable to offer any of our support services.

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MM12022 The First 2 Numbers The first 2 numbers represent the day of the month so this is pretty straight forward. MM12022 The final 3 Numbers The last 3 numbers represent the unit number that was built that day. So, in our example 022 means that this guitar was the 22nd guitar built on that day. MM12022 If your serial number follows this format and you want a faster way of deciphering it check out the serial number wizard at the link below. Note. The Serial number wizard at the link above only works for serial numbers that follow the format above.

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