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Gloria steinem first husband dating a day trader At the time, it was uncommon for women to pursue a degree in this field. During that time, she participated in non-violent protests against government policy. Steinem worked with Independent Research Service for two years until moving to New York City check this out pursue a career that is all-to-familiar to many millennial and Gen Z women trying to break into a creative field. freelance writing. Steinem also writes that she had an abortion at age 22, when it was still illegal.

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Linda Napikoski is a writer and grassroots activist with a J. Her editorial focus is on feminism and global human rights. Updated February 27, 2019 When Gloria Steinem got married at age 66, the media paid attention. One of the most famous feminists of the 1960s and 1970s, Gloria Steinem continued as an activist, critical thinker, author and spokesperson on women's issues for decades. Anti-feminists often associated Gloria Steinem with a false stereotype of feminists as "man-hating.

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Visit Website Pioneering Feminist After finishing her degree in 1956, Steinem received a fellowship to study in India. She first worked for Independent Research Service and then established a career for herself as a freelance writer. Steinem went undercover for the piece, working as a waitress, or a scantily clad "bunny" as they called them, at the club. In the late 1960s, she helped create New York magazine, and wrote a column on politics for the publication. Steinem became more engaged in the women's movement after reporting on an abortion hearing given by the radical feminist group known as the Redstockings.

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