Government urges .eu domain owners to begin looking at other options

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Domain names uk gov free dating sites in washington state Seiretto Limited - Registered in England and Wales Number. 4716409 Dokain was established in 1996 and is incorporated and registered at Companies House, the UK's official registrar of companies, and therefore must comply by following legal requirements that help protect you our customer. You can find our listing here. gov. Our staff respond to messages during regular business hours although we also attempt to answer messages in the evenings and weekends whenever possible!

These budgets should not surprise anybody. Monitoring messages is something of high value to any government. On a low-traffic, non-government-related domain name, there were almost 100 emails of significance emailed to the wrong company, including loan contracts, bank statements, fully executed contracts, personal information and more. So what happens when you are a National Security or Government Agency with a billion-dollar budget? You would think purchasing the most obvious domain name for the agency makes sense — for security purposes.

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However there is considerable concern that current holders of. For registrants, this introduces a need to register a second level domain themselves for an additional fee, should they wish to safeguard their invested trade. This is seen very negatively as being motivated by Nominet looking to sell more domain names to organisations having already registered under.

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