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Desi consultancies in dallas compare dating I am writing this blog so I can help my fellow Indians not to get into these consultancy companies as they like to consuultancies called. I had a bad experience with one of them. Here is the story. I got a job through one of many Indian Consultancy companies in the state of New Jersey. These consultancies are spread all over, but most of them are located in New Jersey and New York as Indian population is very high in these areas and states.

The warehouselike facility in this Kansas City suburb was actually a branch of the University of Central Missouri , whose main campus was 40 miles away in rural Warrensburg. Nearly 90 percent of UCM students hail from Missouri. But this morning, almost all the 40 or so who hopped off the buses were from India.

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This girl who has just 3year degree from India and on H4 visa here is going to apply for H1B through a desi consultant. Can I also try? This sums up how desi consultants work in US and why the 65,000 limit for H1B visa got over in a day. I fully know that there are a lot of good desi consultants out there. Rest will be taken care by the consultant.


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