Guys Explain Why They'd Date A Girl Who Makes More Than Them

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Dating a woman who makes more money berlin online dating Forty-two percent of mothers were the sole or primary breadwinners in 2015, and wives out-earned husbands in 38 percent of straight marriages. Well, kind of. Straight marriages were inherently transactional for much of human history. Women often chose or were forced to marry whoever had the best financial prospects, at which point they became the literal property of their husbands.

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Share Navigating the pitfalls of going out with a high earner Modern dating involves a number of obstacles, traps, and pitfalls that you must be aware of if you are to succeed in it. The great game is partly shaped by the natural inclinations of men and women and partly by the conventions of society. The former have not changed much, but the latter shift all the time.

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Email Comment In this modern world, we have grown up knowing that women can earn equally as much money as men at work or sometimes even more. As a result, the stay-at-home Dad is becoming increasingly popular, mixing up the defined gender roles of the past.

Would you marry a girl who makes more money than you?

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