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Chrome articles for you not updating top lesbian dating apps 2018 Chartbeat asserts that this under-publicized feature, now driving as many referred pageviews as Twitter, may be the next major traffic driver for publishers. The image above shows what it looks like on my Pixel. A substantial new source of traffic is always welcome news to publishers, especially to those who have struggled to maintain traffic numbers following changes to the Facebook algorithm earlier this year. One thing I need to point out cjrome off the bat, however, is that Articles For You is not the 4th biggest source of referral traffic overall.

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And let Chrome's monopoly on mobile devices be a bit more modest than on PCs, with the spread of the Android operating system, the position of the Google browser has also strengthened. However, in the search for new user-friendly features for users, developers sometimes take decisions that one's soul is far from all users. On our resource, we discussed the settings of desktop versions of browsers, now let's talk about browser options for the mobile version, including the Articles module for you in Google Chrome or Recommended articles.

How to disable content suggestion in chrome app android

Dilum Senevirathne 14 Feb 2018 Using Chrome? Those suggested articles are a huge distraction, right? Google has a knack for displaying relevant articles and I find myself wasting a ton of time whenever I open a new tab.

enable suggested articles chrome android

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