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Andre agassi family history dating a russian man in america Andre, who picked his tennis racket at the age of two, has not only been in the spotlight for so many years for dominating the sports right from the 1990s until the mid-2000s alone, but also for his good looks, fashion sense, and raising kids who are fast taking over go here where he stopped. Ever since he turned pro in the year 1986, Agassi has never failed to impress the tennis community both as a player and coach. The accomplished American tennis player hung his racket in 2006 and eventually took to tennis coaching in 2017. So far, he has been amazing and has also proved to be an asset and a major influence on many budding players. Biography The former No.

Open —at least once. By age 2 he could serve a tennis ball on a full court. At 13 he was sent to a tennis academy in Bradenton, Florida, run by Nick Bolletieri, who later became his coach. In 1987 Agassi won his first professional tournament.

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Visit Website Young Tennis Star When he first arrived on the tennis scene, Agassi turned heads and raised eyebrows with his wild hair and bright clothing. The boisterous athlete quickly had an endorsement deal with Nike before even winning a title.

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A stellar athlete, Agassi first burst on the tennis scene in 1986. He turned heads and raised eyebrows with his wild hair and bright clothing.