These Are The 3 Most Compatible Myers Briggs Types For You, Based On Your Myers Briggs

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16 personalities relationships and dating best site for foreign brides ENFJs are fond of the idea of love, and when they fall in love with someone, they fall very deeply. They are absolutely willing to do what it takes to make the relationship work, and even smallest relationship troubles may leave them devastated. Includes professional follow-up by a CBT therapist. Click here to get started. On the negative side, they might have issues because both are quite stubborn and feel very strongly about things.

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Source. Social Pressures survey, 9553 respondents. Rather than falling head over heels in a whirlwind of passion and romance, Architects identify potential partners who meet a certain range of pre-determined criteria, break the dating process down into a series of measurable milestones, then proceed to execute the plan with clinical precision. In a purely rational world, this is a fool-proof methodology — but in reality, it ignores significant details that Architects are likely to dismiss prematurely, such as human nature. People with the Architect personality type are brilliantly intellectual, developing a world in their heads that is more perfect than reality. People entering this world need to fit this fantasy, and it can be incredibly difficult for Architects to find someone up to the task.

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And to do so, we often turn to things like online dating quizzes and love horoscopes. But, in case you didn't know, the most compatible Myers-Briggs personality types can also give you further insight into who you're more likely to have a successful connection with.

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