Fainting - related to alcohol?

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Passing out after one drink my brother is dating a gold digger It's not just teens that are affected; over half of the 1402 persons in the study reported having a blackout at least once a year in the following years. A blackout isn't the same as passing out. When you blackout you remain conscious and may continue to talk and socialize; you just don't remember the details afterwards. This can be dangerous for a wide range of reasons, the most obvious being driving while under the aylward shane without realizing what you're doing.

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Tuesday, 1 February, 2000, 04.56 GMT Why people topple after a tipple Drinking to excess can cause blackouts Passing out after a few too many drinks is a common problem for heavy drinkers - and scientists now think they know why it happens. The discovery will not give the green light to indulge, but it may help explain the causes behind one of the potential downsides of a night out. Until now, the reason why people topple over after hitting the bottle has remained a mystery. We're all aware of people who, after drinking considerably, get up to leave, stagger and then pass out. But exactly why they pass out after drinking alcohol has never been fully understood Dr Virend Somers Researchers at the University of Iowa College of Medicine and the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota say the effect of alcohol on blood vessels is to blame.

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fainting after drinking alcohol

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