What It’s Really Like to be Married to a Farmer

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Marrying a farmer poem good pick up lines online dating You know how I know that? Because he is a farmer! And these guys and gals LOVE their job. They have to.

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Being a farmer is a difficult job. We know it's rewarding, but if we are being honest, it's hard. And sometimes it's really hard. When you live a life where your livelihood depends on your care and your time, it means the days don't start at 8 and they certainly don't end at 5.

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Sure, we spent time outdoors, but farming never once entered my mind. I loved my suburban life as a child. If I couldn't grow up to be a professional water skier, then the next best thing was to live in a big city where I would actually experience "life. In our early twenties, farming never seemed to get in our way. Courtesy of Alison Lange We ironically planned a "princess and farmer" themed wedding in our small Michigan hometown.

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What it's like to be a FARMER'S WIFE!

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This is exactly how I feel. These things are all true for me too.