Beauty Tips From The Georgian Era

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Georgian beauty tips rails omniauth google These hairstyles are very evocative of the period, and significantly different from many other time periods, so I thought I would explore what types of hairstyles were popular, and how some of the more extravagant styles were achieved. The French plate mentioned above. It was often partially or fully covered with a lace or linen cap, and would be left either to flow long over the shoulders, or be pinned up. Hair was often but not always curled. Catherine Douglas, Duchess of Queensbury c.

The head is to be washed with this lye three days successively, the part having been previously well rubbed with honey. A powder to prevent baldness Powder your head with powdered parsley seeds at night, once in three or four months, and the hair will never fall off. Courtesy of Lewis Walpole Library A Pomatum for Wrinkles Take juice of white lily roots and fine honey, of each two ounces; melted white wax, an ounce; incorporate the whole together, and make a pomatum.

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Email to a friend April 28, 2016 at 9.04 am From porcelain white skin to huge hair, the Georgians cared greatly about their appearance. Nevertheless, beauty treatments were abundant in Georgian Britain.

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HAIR COLOURING There are many simple contrivances to make red, or other ill-coloured hair, more pleasing to the sight, by changing it to a black or dark brown, without a possibility of injuring the person even when applied to the eye-brows. Either of these articles may be boiled for this purpose in wine, vinegar, or rain-water, with the addition of a little marjoram, sage, betony, balm, or any other cephalic herb; and being strained off, the liquor may be used at pleasure. The usual way is to rub the hair well with the liquid on going to bed.