How to remove “Firefox requires a manual update” pop-up scam

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Firefox requires a manual update to the current version break up after dating best friend Firefox Requires A Manual Update fake alert is a misleading message that was designed to trick Mozilla Firefox users into thinking that they need to install an update. Although the alert representing the update is supported by the familiar logo of the Firefox browser, you should not be familiar with the webpage representing it. If you install the fake update without thinking, you will install S-N-A 1. Our research team has analyzed this add-on, and, of course, we advise removing it as soon as possible.

Hi, all. Could you please tell me how to disable forced Mozilla Firefox update prompts? This alert is a rogue or scam, which aims at tricking less experienced PC users into revealing their login details and installing shady third-party programs.

How to update Firefox (2019)

firefox can't update to the latest version

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fake firefox update

PSA: Beware of Fake Firefox Update Sites

Activate firebug after update Mozilla gryng.meg not working problem solved.

firefox update virus 2018

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