5 Things To Remember When You're Dating Someone With Hearing Loss

Posted on by Faubei

Dating with hearing aids dating on the phone What if you have a hearing loss? That can make things even more complicated. Should you talk about your hearing loss upfront? How does it impact the types of dates that work best?

Here are some tips on how to enter the dating scene confidently. Dating can seem daunting enough without other factors in your life coming into play. When you have hearing loss, it can feel like one more thing you have to worry about while dating. Will they be understanding?

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Jess Commons Photographed by Eylul Aslan. As anyone who's spent time the dating world over the past few years can attest, very rarely will you find yourself in for a smooth ride.


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Arguably the best part of online dating is the chance to present a highly edited version of yourself to the pool of potential suitors. Should I showcase the blonde hair, my natural brunette shade, my shaved-head phase or the current pink hair?




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