Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice: Intelligence and Crime Analysis Concentration

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Masters degree in law enforcement intelligence and analysis online dating services for over 50 The curriculum is designed to prepare students for entry, supervisory and command level positions within local, state and federal agencies with intelligence divisions or missions. This program is offered online distance learning only. Traditionally, intelligence analysts at federal and military agencies were trained in specialized academies and, in effect, apprenticed at their jobs. As the demand for local and state intelligence analysts developed and the profession matured, the academic component also developed and matured.

Both programs are offered entirely online, without any in-person requirements. The criminal justice program has been offered online since 1998. Students in the 30-credit program may choose between security management and judicial administration concentrations. The program is offered primarily asynchronously.

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Concentrated instruction in this growing criminology field will teach you to identify and track crime activity, pinpoint areas of concern, and use research and advanced evaluation methods to create strategies for crime prevention and effective law enforcement response. Analyzing criminal trends, patterns, and disparate data for the purpose of predicting and preventing crime is the core of a career in intelligence and crime analysis.

Criminal Intelligence

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