Women: The Libyan Rebellion’s Secret Weapon

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Libyan ladies dating best dating apps for under 18 Since Gaddafi, women in Libya have many rights. More so than other Muslim nations. However, now that Gaddafi is gone their rights and status are in question as many other things. They have been able to vote, own land, drive, and walk around freely.


As women took to the streets in protests in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, they showed the world that they are involved in their country's affairs and convincingly reintroduced the idea of an Arab world where women take center stage as revolutionaries and decision makers. While there, I spoke about my experience as a Libyan woman and the discrimination, pride and confusion associated with that. In America, whenever I said I was from Libya, people automatically associated me with Gaddafi or his perverse procession of female bodyguards. I was surprised however, to find out just how little Arab women from the Gulf knew about Libyan women. The truth is, Gaddafi's regime made it impossible for any Libyan to form an identity outside it.

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