Gut Health: What’s Really Going on Here?

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Hannah aylward nutrition ask amy dating is more of a numbers game Donate Nurturing is a female characteristic. Caring for the helpless is a universal yearning given to females. A pet cat or dog helps fill that yearning for many women.

Your average workday may look something like this. wake up, commute to work, sit at work for eight hours, commute home, and then spend the rest of the evening unwinding at home and preparing for the next weekday. You may not have thought of it in this way before, but that is a lot of time spent inside. Our bodies were designed to run, jump, and play.

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Hannah Aylward By Hannah Aylward There are about 100 trillion bacteria in our bodies, and most of them are in our intestines. Recent science is actually unveiling that we may be more bacteria than we are human cells. Crazy, I know. While these microbes inhabit all parts of our body that are exposed to the environment, such as the skin, mouth, nasal passages and vagina, most reside in the gut.

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An Interabled Love Story (Intimacy and Disability)

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