Five Years On, America Still Doesn't Know What to Do with Florida Georgia Line

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Florida georgia line name meaning friend zone signs reddit They have their own original sound that does not entirely represent the genre of music that they are categorized under. As if this band was not already controversial enough, in April of this year, they released a new song simply entitled, "H. Y" that opened the flood gates of controversy and meaningg from both fans and non-fans alike. But, the question still remains, is "H.

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The vehicle of their success was "Cruise," a slick, shimmering ode to the wide-open road that became an unkillable crossover hit in 2013 and, eventually, the biggest country single of all time. They'd lose that record to Sam Hunt , whose "Body Like a Back Road" took the country crown in 2017, but they regained it the next year when "Meant to Be," their duet with pop singer Bebe Rexha , stayed at the top of Billboard's Hot Country Songs charts for 35 weeks. After "Cruise" broke through on its own merits, reaching 16 on the Billboard Hot 100, its life was extended thanks to a remix featuring rapper Nelly. This unexpected collaboration pushed the single all the way to number four on the Hot 100, but at that point it became clear that the appeal of Florida Georgia Line lay in their unabashedly polished pop perspective. Unlike some fellow contemporary country bros, the duo of Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard didn't swagger; they were bright, sunny, and friendly, qualities showcased on subsequent hits "Get Your Shine On" and "Round Here.

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