You're a Muslim who's not supposed to date. How do you find love?

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Dating muslim faith carbon dating coal But things can be quite different. Alexandra and her Egyptian husband Khaled talk about their relationship. Alexandra, you and your husband married three datting, why? Alexandra. We exchanged our wedding vows in Egypt. When Khaled arrived in Germany we got married. As far as legality goes, our marriage was officially recognised through the state ceremony but we also had another ceremony in the mosque so he could be married before God.

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Muslim Rules on Dating By. Genevieve Van Wyden In traditional American dating, a man and woman meet each other, decide they want to get to know each other better and start dating. Once their relationship has reached a serious point, they meet each other's parents. In Muslim dating, the Quran and its tenets influence every aspect of the relationship, the engagement, marriage and premarital sex. Muslim couples honor the Quran in their dating practices.

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Thanks for watching! Visit Website Some seven years later, Muhammad and his many followers returned to Mecca and conquered the region.

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