Rebuilding ‘50s Kluson Tuners

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Dating kluson tuners top apps for dating site I was able to date the tuners by referencing a few of their features. With these distinct features I was able to deduce that the Kluson tuners were manufactured between 1953 and mid-1956. Prep Cleaning To remove years of grime and whatever else might be growing on these tuners, I used Q-tips lightly moistened with naptha on the tuner button, shaft, cover, and chassis. While cleaning the plastic oval button, I made sure to carefully wipe away from the button fractures, to avoid packing more grime into the crevices. I used hydrogen peroxide for the final cleaning; by dipping the tuner button in hydrogen peroxide for a few seconds you can see the bubbling effect lifting the remaining grime out of those hard-to-clean crevices.

Factory Order Numbers and Letter Codes. Determining exactly when your Gibson specimen was made can have high stakes attached to it. From to , a consistent letter code resumed, with the letter appearing before the batch number. These were typically mounted without bushings, so none are included, if you will need bushings for mounting on your guitar let me know and I'll check on availability. Still no outside hole in the metal tuner cover for the tuner worm shaft.

Kluson Style Vintage Locking Tuners??

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Contact the vintage guitar info guy. Kluson tuners were used by a number of vintage guitar manufacturers from the 1940s to the late 1960s. Here is a pictorial of how to identify the general years of these tuners. This info will apply to any type of closed-back Kluson Deluxe tuner, regardless of the style of tip metal, button plastic, keystone plastic, etc.

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PostJul 17, 2008 8 2008-07-17T16.20 I have taken some pics meanwhile and would like to start a new search. I'm looking for the lowest and highest Martin serial number could be found having these Kluson tuners with the ultra thin cog wheels. Unfortunately I didn't record any serial number of the war time Martins once passing the shop.

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