See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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Dandelion wishes brought to you jiwoo what to text a guy to get his attention One year ago, a sudden amnesia came over me. They say there is nonly a slight chance that I will recover my memory. After suffering from amnesia, it took me several months to live a normal life. I heard he has been helping me since I was hospitalized.

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Dandelion. Wishes Brought to You Walkthoughs! Dandelion. wishes Brought to You is a Korean otome game created by Cheritz which can be found on Steam. You play as Heejung, a 21 year old university student with a passion for art and a terrible terrible mother. She lives alone thankfully! One day she comes home to find a basket with 3 adorable bunnies and 2 cute cats in her room!

Dandelion: Wishes Brought to You - Jiwoo route Part 2

Alright let me explain everything from beginning to end… I started with Jisoo He caught my eye instantly black and red clothing tehehe. I thought his route was pretty funny at first. The cooking scene was pretty silly and it made me laugh. Then he started becoming a little violent and jealous.

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