Book Review: “Open: An Autobiography”, Andre Agassi

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Andre agassi biography book app to make friends around the world The most intriguing, or amusing, thing about Brooke Shields' new biogrraphy, There Was a Little Girl, may be how she and Andre Agassi fell in love. "By sending long heartfelt faxes when she was filming in South Africa. Perhaps we should all fall for our significant http://gryng.me/gresham/samsung-xcover-1-update-android-4.php in such earnest and longing, if dated, ways. Absence can truly cause the heart to grow fonder. Now, while Shields' book is unlikely to find its way onto the shelf of history's most celebrated memoirs, the self-described one-time "most celebrated virgin of our time" has finally told her side of a roller-coaster relationship many in the entertainment and tennis communities rooted for.

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Frankly, I was disappointed. And to some degree what he has admitted to in his book, and in follow-up interviews, leaves an unpleasant cloud over the sport, coming from a player with his stellar record — a record which to some extent has also been tainted. Others have commented about how we as a society should probably not idolize sports stars.

Andre Agassi Biography 2/6

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Visit Website Young Tennis Star When he first arrived on the tennis scene, Agassi turned heads and raised eyebrows with his wild hair and bright clothing. The boisterous athlete quickly had an endorsement deal with Nike before even winning a title.

I generally split books into three main categories. I also love biographies and I really adored Open by Andre Agassi as it is a very honest and authentic summary of a successful career with all its ups and downs. It's a story about the mental fortitude you need when you play a lonely game.

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Jan 24, 2011 Daniel Audet rated it it was amazing Finished "Open" last night. I realize I'm way late to the party, this book having come out in Nov. I'm still very glad to have read this, Andre's story.