The Longest-Lasting Couples From ‘The Bachelor’ And ‘The Bachelorette’

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Andi dorfman dating again monica raymund 2019 Getty Images Ah, Bachelor Nation! There are exceptions, however. Here are the longest-lasting Bachelor Nation relationships, listed from shortest to longest. They continued dating a few months after that before going their separate ways.

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Musings at alicemcalex. I'm not in the crazy subset of Bachelor Nation where I make my small child wear a onesie on national television that says "Future Mrs. Higgins," but I watch The Bachelor , The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise bless this ridiculous show religiously, live tweet with the best of them, and follow all of my favorites on every form of social media hey- take your judgment elsewhere!

But their union ultimately had the shelf life of many of their Bachelor counterparts before them. At first, it was a mutual parting of ways—until the truth started to emerge and it became obvious this was no amicable breakup. In fact, it got as downright nasty as Jake and Vienna's on-air meltdown. If you need a Josh and Andi breakup refresher course, click here. But once you enter Bachelor territory, it's hard to stop go back to normal life.

The Bachelor Juan Pablo Battles Andi In Fantasy Suite

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